Chen-sun Chung

  • Chief Professor of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics
  • Honor President of School of Art and Design
  • Director of Research Institute of Chinese Art Studies, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics

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Chung Chen Sun is a well-known artist and art educationist worldwide. Chung was born in 1935 in Melaka, Malaysia; his ancestors hailed from Meixian County of the Guangdong Province, China. After graduation from the Art Education Department of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, he received a Master Degree in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco, USA. Since 1967, he has set up 5 art institutes, namely the Malaysian Institute of Art, MSC International College of Media, Art and Design, International Modern Art & Design College of the Yunnan University, International Modern Art & Design College in Zhuzhou of the Hunan Province. His philosophy on art education has significant contribution to the education of modern art and design in both Malaysia and China. Chung Chen Sun is widely recognized as the ‘Father of Malaysian modern art education’.

Over the years, Chung Chen Sun has been actively promoting exchanges in the art education fraternity around the world. He was the president of the Asian Pacific Conference on Arts Education. In 1982, he initiated the International Contemporary Ink Painting Association, of which he served as the president for 8 years, devoting his effort in modernizing Chinese ink painting. During his 15-year tenure as president of the Malaysian Chinese Cultural Society, he worked untiringly to promote the development of Malaysian Chinese culture and facilitate international exchanges.

With a solid foundation in painting, Chung Chen Sun is well-versed with Chinese and Western art history; his insight into the Taoist philosophies is, in many ways, the source of his artistic inspiration. His earlier works were imbued with the thought and teaching of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. He firmly believes that “travelling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books”. He maintains that artists, like scientists, must never cease to discover and pursue, to invent and create. An artist must seek to express his experience, insight, concept and feelings garnered over time and space. It is clear that Chung does not confine himself to a particular school or approach; instead, he is constantly experimenting with something new. Unleashing his talents, he moves effortlessly from one style to another, pursuing the truth behind paintings in particular, and that of life in general. It is life at its purest, most perfect and beautiful he is constantly in search of.

His works have been showcased in international exhibitions held in more than 20 countries and region, including Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. Besides, he hosted more than 20 solo art exhibitions held both at home and abroad. His works were now part of the collections of museums, art galleries, government agencies, enterprises and private collectors.

His accomplishment in art education and reinventing ink paintings is for all to see, and this is firmly rooted in his mastery of art. His vision, thought, insight and dedication gives him has won him a place in the history of art. As what Taiwanese art critic Professor Luo Qing put it, “From the sketch and freehand brushwork in the earlier period, his style has been evolving, reflecting aesthetics of the East and the West. On the solid foundation of tradition is built a mind that sets off to innovate. This is what a master of art is about. Indeed, this is a rare accomplishment anywhere in the world.” Professor Shao Da Zhen, a famous art critic in China, is of the opinion that, “The art creations of Chung Chen Sun and his remarkable achievement is progressive in nature, in that it enlightens and inspires a large number of artists in the Eastm including those in China.” His contributions in Ink Painting has gained the reputation of “Father of Malaysian Contemporary Ink Painting”.


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