Jing Chung

Fishing Village 

As I have been tired of the noisy and busy urban lifestyle, I was increasingly yearns for the tranquility and peaceful life spent in the village. Memories of listening to the sea and watching the many traditional Malay fishing village, untouched beaches that dot with colorful fishing boat often trigger my urge to create. Hence, the fishing village became my inspiration in order to invite the viewer to discover and explore the beauty of the tropical scene. You find these sorts of villages along the coast of Malaysia, particularly over mangrove swamplands. The houses are built on stilts away from the high-tide line, just incase the tide runs over.



I was always astonished by the beauty and interesting movement of the small animal such as birds. Therefore, I like to use birds as my themes; hopefully one can feel the splendorous pleasures in my works.    



  Jing was born to an artist family in Malaysia, she received her BFA in Interior Design from Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA in 1995, and MS from University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK in 2003. From 1996 to 1998, she was a visiting lecturer at International Modern Design Art College (IMDAC) of Yunnan University and IMDAC of Inner Mongolia Normal University. She was then appointed the vice president of IMDAC of Inner Mongolia Normal University. A few years back she started to go full time in painting as she realized that spending much time in lecturing and designing never gave her self satisfaction.

Jing received numerous awards local and international including Malaysia 11th National Furniture Design Competition (1999), Malaysia IFDC Award for Open Category (2003), Korea International Travel Souvenir Design Competition (2005), Italy Design Boom Social Awareness Award (2006), and finalist in Italy ARTINGENUA Prize (2008) and The Hunting Art Prize of Houston, Texas (2009). In 2010, she was one of the winners of Susquehanna International Art Competition  and her artwork “Fishing Village” was featured as the lead image in one of the chapter of the book "River Art"" sponsored by West Shore Gallery and Sunbury Press. Her artworks were exhibited in several countries and had been collected by private collectors local and abroad.

For info:
phone: 713-515-5768
website: www.jingchung.com

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