Lim Chung

Art & Architecture
Passion for Art & Architecture is always in my bloodstream
Throughout my 2 decade of building design career
I have made lot of friends and happy clients.
Visualizing my path on becoming a professional artist
Consistency and persistency are what I see

 Artist Statement:

Bon Voyage
a poem by Lim Chung      Feb 27th, 2009

Every piece of my work is a journey,

A journey that has no beginning nor ending,
“Mobius strip” may explain this…………
Or may I say the word “gene”?
A gene from my Father.

I love traveling……..
Travel on a journey into the past, present and future.
I traveled into the past by books, music, arts and etc.
Via different transportations and my five senses, I see the present.
Through history and experiences, I visualize the future.

When I was very young,
I flew to China to pick up the four treasures of the study,
And tried to write and draw like literati.
With the brush and ink in monotone,
I wrote phrases from great philosophers.
Confucius had a lot of advice for me to be a good person.
Taoism taught me “To remain whole, be twisted;
To become straight, let yourself be bent;
And to become full, be hollow.”

Calligrapher Master Liu told me my calligraphy need to have bone and flesh.
Most of the traditional brush painting artists had something in common….
They were very wise men during their time.
But how come their paintings did not have perspective
And always floated on the air?
Travel beyond the time and space (????) was the answer.

The multi-culture in the Southeast Asia hinted to me that
There were people with different skin color living on the other side of the globe.
Yet, we had one thing in common,
We were all attracted towards the center of the sphere.
A picture came into my mind,
Lot of colorful push pins pinned into a highly textured ball.
When I was a teenager,
I sailed my boat to Europe……
I open my eyes to colors, light source, values, proportions and etc.
I finally understood the works of Michelangelo after I turned myself to Lord.
Rembrandt told me brush could be used in either way,
The bristle side and the wooden side,
So as to the texture of a surface;
The smooth and the textured.
He also taught me the word “Chiaroscuro” (contrast between light and dark),
That reminded me about “Tai-chi“(balance between Ying & Yang).
Yes, the push-pin picture came into my mind again.
Monet showed me how to put colors together in an impressionism way.
I was truly impressed when Picasso noted that his cubism were influenced by oriental art,
He had captured the spirit of oriental art in such a colorful way.
By then I understood the meaning of “Travel beyond the time and space” (????),
In a more colorful approach.

At Bauhaus in Germany,
I met Walter Gropius, an architect of his time.
We might have the same profession and vision in first place,
But our destination was a lot difference.
His calling was to merge the craftsmen and fine art into one,
Forms follow function is the new name.

Today, I am on my endless voyage to an unclear destiny.
I may stay in a cocoon for a while before
I could understand the meaning of
The bone and the flesh.
The wise butterfly console me;
Dear Voyager,
Suffering is beautiful.
You may wish the road is much shorter, yet,
Via suffering, the bone is strengthened, and
It will produce a beautiful and fragrance flesh.
Every piece of art is a journey,
Of someone who did it.
So is mine……….












Lim Chung is a Houston-based artist and building design consultant. She was born to a family of artists in Malaysia. After receiving her diploma in Interior Design from Malaysian Institute of Art, Lim received her BFA from Academy of Art College in 1989 and MA from San Francisco State University in 1995. Her father Chen-Sun Chung, a renowned ink painting artist and educator, has been Lim's brush painting teacher since she was a teenager.  After working as a professional building designer for over fifteen years, Lim transitioned to the full-time pursuit of making and exhibiting her painting. Her forward-looking vision on global warming and environmental issues are transformed in critical and playful ways through her paintings. Her works always leave space for the viewers to breathe and think.


She is an active member of local art associations. Being the lead artist in the church’s art show planning team, Lim has curate 3 theme group art shows. She also conducted workshops at many venues including the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH), Texas Asia Society, Society for Performing Arts, local public libraries, schools, and community centers. Her works are collected by private collectors, businesses, churches. She also does commission works for institutions, churches, industrials, businesses, and etc.

Professional Experience


Artist and Building Design Consultant, Chung Creation, Houston, TX



Building Designer, Pecan Creek Consulting Company, Houston, TX



Professional Building designer, Classic Steel Frame Home, div of NCI Building System, Houston, TX



Participated in 4th Asian Pacific Conference on Art Educations (ASPACAE), Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Participated in 3rd Asian Pacific Conference on Art Educations (ASPACAE), Kanazawa, Japan

Participated in 2nd Asian Pacific Conference on Art Educations (ASPACAE), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Singapore


Solo Exhibitions


Bon Voyage, Artists’ Alliance of Sugar Land Gallery, TX



The Old Houses Exhibition, Te House of Tea, Houston, TX

Group Exhibitions


WAS-H International Watercolor Exhibition 2016, Juried Exhibition, WAS-H Gallery, Houston, TX

Chinese New Year Art Exhibition 《墨舞春风迎新岁》书画展 Pameran Lukisan & Kaligrafi Sempena Tahun Baru Cina, The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


HORSESHOW, Motherdogs Studio, Houston, Texas
The Mural Project@ CITYCENTRE,
Muir Fine Art Gallery, Town & Country Village, Houston, Texas

The Big Show, Lawndale Art center, Houston, Texas

Chung Family Exhibition, Chung ChenChuan Art Gallery, Melaka, Malaysia



9th Annual Winter Holiday Art Market (WHAM), Winter Street Studios, Houston, Texas

Five Identities Group Exhibition, Jing Tai Chuan Art Gallery, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Hakka Group Exhibition, Wisma Fui Chiu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


WAS-H The November Gallery Show, Juried Exhibition, WAS-H Gallery, Houston, TX

Fitrah, Pelita Hati, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

WAS-H 44th Annual Members Exhibition, Juried Exhibition, WAS-H Gallery, Houston, TX

Visual Arts Alliance 31st Juried Membership Exhibition, 1600 Smith Street, Houston, TX

Visual Arts Alliance 30th Juried Open Exhibition, Three Allen Center, Houston, TX

Because of Love, Art exhibit curate by Lim Chung, West Houston Chinese Church, Houston, TX


The Summerview 2 Exhibition, Phoenix Tower, Houston, TX

Salon des Refuses, Gallery M Squared, Houston, TX

In-Site, Continental Center I, Houston, TX

New Life in Christ, Art exhibit curate by Lim Chung, West Houston Chinese Church, TX

WAS-H 34th International Exhibit 2011, Juried Exhibition, WAS-H Gallery, Houston, TX


The Way, the Truth and the Life, Art exhibit curate by Lim Chung, West Houston Chinese Church, TX

The Summerview Exhibition, Phoenix Tower, Houston, TX

New Directions, Continental Center I, Houston, TX


The Year of Ox Celebration Exhibition, Saute restaurant, Houston, TX


International Contemporary Art Fair 2008, Time Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Urban Life, Three Allen Center, Houston, TX

Amazing Grace Art Show, Houston Christian High School, Houston, TX

Heart thru Art Exhibit, Town Center, Sugar Land, TX

City Artworks Teacher Exhibition, Cloister Gallery, Houston, TX

Vibrant: Houston Artists in City Halls, Houston City Hall, and Houston, TX

Two Sisters’ Exhibition, Chopin’s Corner Library, Houston, TX


Awards and Honors


Finalist, WAS-H 39th International Exhibit 2016, WAS-H Gallery, Houston, Texas, Juror Anne Abgott, AWS, NWS


One of the 18 selected Muralist, The Mural Project@ CITYCENTRE, Muir Fine Art Gallery, Houston, Texas

One of the Winners, The Big Show, Lawndale Art center, Houston, Texas, Juror George Scheer

Finalist, WAS-H 38th International Exhibit 2015, WAS-H Gallery, Houston, Texas, Juror Eric Wiegardt



Juror, SPA presents The 16th Annual Wells Fargo Student Visual Art Contest, Houston, TX. 

Juror, Year of Horse Art Contest, Chinese Community Center, Houston, TX


First Place, WAS-H The November Gallery Show, Juried Exhibition, WAS-H Gallery, Houston, TX
Featured Chinese Calligrapher on Fox26 News on Feb 15
, Houston, TX


Brush Painting work collected by Chung Chen Sun Art Museum, Kunmin, Yunnan Province, China


Finalist, WAS-H 34th International Exhibit 2011, WAS-H Gallery, Houston, TX, Juror John Salminen


Calligraphy works were presented by Chinese Community Center to honor Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, Mayor Annise Parker, Houston Rockets star Yao Ming, Angela Blanchard of Neighborhood Centers, and Jan E. Gee of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance-Houston Lodge. Houston, TX


Featured Artist in City of Sugar Land Mayor, Jimmy Thompson’s office Exhibit, City of Sugar Land, Sugar Land, TX



MA in Industrial Arts, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA


BFA in Interior Design, Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA


Diploma in Interior Design, Malaysian Institute of Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia






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